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Many talk about the digitization of music schools we bring them to you

Digitization of the music school has been one of the top topics for some time, if one concerns itself with the safeguarding of the future of this institution. Numerous Internet offers offer the learning of a musical instrument in digital form. If you want to learn a musical instrument today, you can quickly access a YouTube instant video. And indeed: some very gifted online students are thus successfully acquiring their first knowledge and techniques. But often then the first online enthusiastic students in the lessons offered by the music schools. There they learn to play their instrument in the personal care of a professional music educator. The personal relationship between student and teacher is the undisputed strength of music education. However, Handy and Co have long since paved their way there. Appointments are made via Whatsapp or email. Music recordings via mobile phone facilitate the acoustic control of the learned, video recordings repeat motor processes and with the photo function can quickly take a handle picture with home. The high individuality of media use poses a particular problem for the music schools. How can all these media be used purposefully according to the educational concepts? How can the music school combine individual media and individual personal lessons into meaningful blended learning? Because everyone agrees on that: Media without personal instruction have just as little future in the music school as the traditional personal lessons without media. Research and surveys have shown that combining both is the way forward. But currently it is missing to build a bridge between all components.

Our service builds this bridge together with you through consulting, development and training. Not only do we know all the facets of a successful personal instrumental lesson, we also bring along the know-how for the interdisciplinary integration of digital media and the development of a multimedia music school education in an overall concept. We would like to implement this with you.

Our know-how:

- 25 years of experience with multimedia learning concepts

- 40 years of experience working with music schools

- Music and instrumental pedagogical knowledge at a high academic level

- 40 years experience in music school administration

Our performance:

-  digitization of the music school administration

- individual development of digital teaching concepts

- stablishment of interdisciplinary learning platforms

-  of individual applications

- Training of employees


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